catch me cupid

February 11th - 12th - 13th - 14th

Catch a kiss from our flirty ladies for the hottest Valentines Day you’ll ever experience.

Whether the seduction is delivered front-row from our interactive stage shows, or exclusively with 1 or even 2 of our seductive ladies, we can ensure you that you will always be well looked after. “The Firm” continues to be home to dozens of the country’s highly awarded showgirls and entertainers year after year.

We understand that luxury and luscious entertainment go hand in hand. This is why we have ensured that your viewing enjoyment is never interrupted while you relax in one of our front row lounge chairs, with the addition of first class table service. Discover why “The Firm” is always a gentleman’s first choice.

Fairytale Fantasy

Don’t let reality get you down, experience the magic this March at The Firm

Tops & Tails

For a night of decadence and class, join us this April at The Firm

Mile High Club

Jet away this June with some flight attendant fun at The Firm

Leather & Latex

Jet away this June with some flight attendant fun at The Firm


The ultimate list which every well-established gentleman subscribed to. Receive complimentary upgrades and many other benefits throughout the year.