The Firm offers a range of selective memberships to cater to every gentleman’s needs.

Whether you are a frequent visitor or a casual guest at our establishment, we have created memberships that will benefit any tier of frequency.

This way you can be assured that no matter how often you visit, a membership at The Firm will always be worth your investment.

Our memberships include a range of exclusive benefits that other strip clubs won’t offer.

Depending on the membership you select, these can include complimentary entry every time you visit, drink on arrival for both yourself and any guests you bring, priority entry, and more.

Purchase any of our options below today and receive a bar tab equal to the purchase value of your membership. Conditions apply.

If you’re a hospitality worker, we understand that it may be difficult for you to visit The Firm during your desired times due to work commitments. Because of your potentially unpredictable schedule, we have created an exclusive Industry Membership for all hospitality workers to use on Sundays. Best of all this membership is 100% complimentary, so if you’re an industry worker please click through the appropriate link below and allow us to send you your complimentary membership.

The Firm offers a range of selective memberships to cater to every gentlemen’s needs.

Industry Member


  • Complimentary entry
  • $7 Drinks every Sunday

Bronze Member

$99 p/y

  • Complimentary entry
  • Priority entry

Silver Member

$299 p/y

  • Complimentary entry
  • 1 Drink on arrival
  • Priority entry
  • Table service

Gold Member

$750 p/y

  • Complimentary entry
  • 3 Drinks on arrival
  • Priority entry
  • Table service
  • $7 Drinks


The ultimate list which every well-established gentleman subscribed to. Receive complimentary upgrades and many other benefits throughout the year.